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Has Your Site Been Hacked? We Can Help

WordPress hack recovery refers to the process of detecting, cleaning, and securing a WordPress website that has been compromised by hackers. This typically involves malware removal, vulnerability patching, restoring data from backups, and implementing additional security measures.

Regain Access and Control Over Your Website

A hacked WordPress site can cause serious damage including loss of traffic, reduced search engine rankings, corrupted data, and theft of sensitive information. Prompt hack recovery services are crucial for restoring business operations as quickly as possible. Ignoring hacks can allow threats to persist and lead to more significant long-term consequences.

Our service includes

  • Site isolation and backup
  • Threat detection and malware removal
  • Vulnerability scanning and patching
  • Data restoration and validation
  • Adding enhanced security protections

Outcomes we deliver

  • Complete malware removal
  • Restored data and traffic capabilities
  • Patching of vulnerabilities
  • Improved security provisions added
  • Ongoing monitoring and threat defense


  • Access to site files and hosting account
  • Details regarding the attack vector if known
  • Recent clean site backup if available
  • Inventory of legitimate plugins/themes
  • As many site details as possible to detect problems and restore normal operations.

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